Our Vision

Creating practical solutions.  Some products just make sense- Towel Tapper® is one of them.  We strive to provide great customer service and we stand behind every item we sell.

"Our number one goal as a wrestling program is to sell the awesome sport of wrestling.  This, well designed product, helps to market our program and sport as professional.  The "Towel Tapper" looks so much better than taped together towels. Long overdue, thanks so much."  Cliff Sandee, Whitehall High School Head Coach

Best of luck to you and your team in the upcoming season!

Photo: Towel Tapper® from pool noodle- to professional. 

The Towel Tapper®

"Durability is the biggest positive for this product.  Saved a ton of time not taping towels or cutting up cheap pool noodles. Officials appreciated the product and if you don't have a towel boy the weight of the tapper allows you to throw it into the mat to stop the match if needed.  Highly recommend!"  Tony Hager, Takedown Wrestling

Sometimes details can make a big difference.  That's the idea behind our product. We value your time and commitment in training young athletes.  Towel Tapper frees up your time in preparation for tournaments and allows you to focus on what matters.  Towel Tapper® is now available and ready to take your wrestling matches to the next level. 

Athletic Directors, wrestling coaches and wrestling tournament directors......It's 'bout time! Order your Towel Tapper® in time for the 2016-17 wrestling season!

We Have A Story To Tell

Sisters and successful inventors (The Original Little Hands®), Annie Rupert of Montague, MI, and Stephanie Mallery of Vicksburg, MI, have moved on to their next venture—The Towel Tapper®. Both sisters are moms to three children, each having a son involved in high school wrestling--one placing in the Michigan State Wrestling Finals in 2014.  That being said, they have definitely seen their fair-share of wrestling matches.  Meet after meet they independently became focused on the lack of attention that was placed on the role of the Towel Tapper®.

During a wrestling match, the person identified as the tapper—usually a younger wrestler or sibling, has traditionally been equipped with a dirty towel, wrapped in even dirtier athletic tape or a length of a pool noodle brought from home.  Unfortunately, for the sport of wrestling, wrestling programs have continued to treat the equipment used by the tapper as an afterthought.   

Excited at the challenge of bringing a solution to the sport of wrestling, Stephanie and Annie started a two year journey of researching and designing the Towel Tapper®. The Towel Tapper®, an 18 inch by 2 inch single piece of highly engineered polyethylene foam has been created in four (4) of the most popular school and wrestling club colors and ready for you to take your wrestling events to the next level.  As both sisters would say, “It’s ‘bout time.”